I know this sounds crazy — because you've probably heard or experienced otherwise — but setting up & running profitable Facebook Ad campaigns for your business should be fun! 
If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of running your own campaigns, or have played around with Facebook Ads before without seeing results, you've come to the right place. 
is a self-study online course that will show you exactly how to run super successful campaigns that make your business $$$ on command.

*While this is a Facebook course, every lesson also applies to Instagram ads! Hello, two-fer!

Bad or no optimization is the #1 reason why people waste money on Facebook ads
From custom audiences, look-a-likes, to CPM, CPC, CPL, etc., it can feel impossible to know if you are using Facebook right
Imagine if...


...You had a proven, repeatable system to generate as many leads or sales as you wanted
...It were easy and fun to market your business on Facebook
...You were able to grow your business, spending as little as $10 a day on advertising
...You never had to worry about how to reach new people who need what you offer


I Use Facebook Advertising to Get INSANE Amounts of Leads for My Clients - Now You Can Do the Same for YOUR Biz.
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It's like getting your very own agency or Facebook rep to get you the most out of Facebook.


This course includes 9 step-by-step video lessons + accompanying worksheets:
How will I take the course? Is it online?
Yes, this is a digital program that you can access from your phone or computer. You'll have lifetime access to all lessons and future updates to the course content.


Frequently Asked Questions






I've never used Facebook Advertising before. Is this course for me?
Yes! This course is designed for both the beginner and intermediate FB ads user. I cover the basics, as well as some more advanced features and functionality. 
What's the time commitment for this course?
Lessons are between 10-30 minutes each. Feel free to follow along and implement at your own pace!
Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed

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Lesson #1: Facebook Ads Intro
Lesson #1 is all about the big picture: what Facebook Ads can and can’t do, what you should advertise, and how to get the most out of this course. 

Lesson #2: Your Ad Testing Strategy
In lesson #2, we’ll discuss the importance of strategic ad and audience testing, plus a foolproof ad testing strategy that works every time.  

Lesson #3: How to Track Conversions
In lesson #3, you’ll learn about conversion optimization and tracking — i.e. how to make your campaigns smarter and have Facebook working with you, rather than against you. 

Lesson #4: All About Pixels
In lesson #4, discover what a pixel is, why you need it, and exactly where and how to place for maximum impact. 

Lesson #5: Your Ad Copy & Ad Creative
In lesson #5, learn the best way to approach your ad copy and creative, plus why what the “experts” say is mostly irrelevant.   

Lesson #6: The Perfect Targeting
In lesson #6, we’ll talk about how to reach your ideal client or customer with Facebook Ads, plus how to leverage retargeting, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, & more. 

Lesson #7: Tracking ROI
In lesson #7, you’ll learn how to determine the success or failure of your campaigns, and which metrics really matter at the end of the day.

Lesson #8: Ads Manager Walkthrough
In lesson #8, watch me set up a campaign in real-time. Follow along as you set up your ads. 

Lesson #9: Facebook Ad Funnels
In lesson #9, we’ll talk about the different ways you can take your prospects from “who are you?” to “PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!”


What do I need to get the most out of this course?
You'll need a Facebook page, a Facebook Ad account, a place to drive traffic to (your website, landing page, etc), and an ad budget of at least $10/day.



Still have questions? Shoot me an email!
A little bit about me...

I live, eat, & breathe Facebook Ads, and have been known to stay up way too late nerding out inside a client campaign over a glass of wine (or two). I'm an award-winning marketer, sought-after speaker, and college-level marketing professor. I've been teaching people at all levels how to effectively use Facebook Advertising for over 5 years. I strongly believe that great marketing shouldn't only be reserved for huge organizations with big-time budgets.


By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

Setup, optimize, & measure the ROI of your Facebook Ad campaigns

• Boost the performance of any campaign by 75% in just 2-3 weeks

• Implement Facebook conversion tracking, custom audiences, lookalikes, & retargeting

• Generate the exact amount of leads you want each week!

"Jennifer is your best-kept secret to increased revenue while you sleep. We've gotten 7Xs our initial ad spend investment." 
Angela Jia Kim, founder Savor Beauty + Spa and Savor the Success

"With Jennifer’s help, we ended up seeing a return on our ad investment of 900%! I can’t thank her enough!" 
—Melissa Camilleri, Founder, Compliment Inc.

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"Can I really learn everything there is to know about Facebook Ads in just 3 weeks?"

YES! Ok, maybe not everything, but if you make the time the follow the lessons and implement the daily assignments, I guarantee that you will be able to launch and run successful (read: profitable) Facebook Ad campaigns for your business. 

I've designed each lesson to be easily digestible and super easy to follow — even if you've never seen the inside of Power Editor before (or have no idea what Power Editor is). 

And don't forget, you also get direct access to me via the private Facebook Group (I try to answer any questions posted within a few hours), as well as a 30-min 1:1 Skype or phone call that you can book at your convenience where I'll address any questions you may have, help you build your Facebook ads funnel, review your ad campaigns, or anything else you may need.